G R A C E  is a musical flood of exciting feel good sounds tickling your ear lobe. G R A C E  is like the feeling of a feather slightly gliding over your body. It is the melting lolly ice refreshing your lips on a hot sweaty day. It is the taste of a great old scotch burning your veins. It is your vintage porn magazine when you need it the most.

When these two brothers dive into their records, you will get wet. They will make you smile. They bring you the most wonderful songs to dance to, to enjoy listening to or to make love to. It will be songs with a soul. It will be songs with a catchy bassline, glittering synths, a fragile touch of piano, a charming guitar, a sexy sax and beautiful rhythms. It may be forgotten classics,  hidden treasures or just the best of what pop culture has ever brought us. Either way you'll get an eclectic fusion of feel good sounds embraced with a sense of avant-garde and influences of disco, house, soul, funk, rock and 80’s pop. It is not only about selecting that perfect song, it is also about blending one with another. That's when the magic happens.

- Music is a celebration of life, having a rich history and a bright future, so let’s celebrate today. -

Enjoy and have fun.


Magic, Kitsch Club, Culture Club, Superdiesel, Petrol, Maison Clic'eau,  Hungaria, Roxy, Ockxfest, Bibi, ...


Larry Levan - Giorgio Moroder - Nile Rodgers - Hugh Hefner - Daft Punk - Todd Terje - Rolling Stones - Soulwax - Barry White - Madonna - ACDC - Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Donna Summer - Serge Gainsbourg - Edith Piaf - Beverly Johnson - Moonlight Matters - Kenny Loggins - Herb Alpert - Solomun - Iron Maiden - Frank Sinatra - Dj Sneak - Anish Kapoor - Grace Kelly - Jane Birkin - Sylvester Stallone - Helmut Newton - Prince - Aeroplane - Sharon Tate - Michael Jackson - Ray Charles - Stevie Wonder - and many more